Firm has started trading of grain in 1985, incorporated Ali Çavuşoğulları agricultural products company in 1996, that is active in the cereals, pulses, oilseed and forage industry.

Ali Çavuşoğulları and Erser Grup family started investing in licensed storage and founded Kainat Licensed Storage firm in 2007 which is active in warehousing sector and has today the biggest storage capacity.

Firm targets continious evolution, adds value to industry with its gain from industr. Company with its professional employees over 150 and its equipment, continues projects and investments with no decreasing its speed and give its all for developing the country and sector.

Firm has increased capacity of storage by investing in warehouses like 2.000 m² area and 7.000 tons of capacity of horizontal warehouse in Konya center, 10.000 m² area and 25.000 tons of capacity of horizontal warehouse in Konya Komderi, 7.500 m² area and 10.000 tons of capacity of horizontal warehouse in Konya Kulu, 27.000 m² area and 34.000 tons of capacity of steel and concrete silos of warehouse in Konya Acıkuyu, 40.000 m² area and 10.000 tons of capacity of concrete silo warehouse in Akköy.

Firm intends to reach 300.000 tons of capacity of storage in all by investments that in progress and planned as soon as possible. It countinues its investments without pausing by adding warehouses in Sivas Kangal area with 46.000 m² area and 60.000 tons of capacity, in Karaman with 46.000 m² with 70.000 tons of capacity, in Kırklareli region 42.000 m² area and 70.000 tons of capacity and in Aegean region 33.000 m² and 50.000 tons of capacity.

Firm closed its trading volume in 2012 350.000 tons, in 2013 500.000 tons, in 2014 600.000 tons, in 2015 750.000 tons and in 2016 1.000.000 tons. It targets to reach its trading volume for 2017 1.250.000 tons.

Ali Çavuşoğulları firm is active in logistics industry with the fleet having 100 trucks and with each passing day adding modern vehicles by moving on to investments in logistic industry too.

Also, as one of the most important importers in Turkey, firm puts the goods that are imported from abroad into service of producers in domestic market by adopting international quality stnadards about honesty and based on trust, productivity, quality and work safety.